mastering  IoT via Robotics & Automation   

Nikola Labs provides full end-to-end IoT solution from concept to hardware design to end user dashboard and analytics.

We believe the best design are one with constrains.  For Nikola labs that is to only work with proven mass produced core embedded chips and sensors.  So every product that is incubated in the Nikola labs is guaranteed to be ready for mass production while taking advantage of the consumer electronic economies of scale.  This clever streamlining and vertical integrating the product life cycle allows us to produce a top quality product.  As an early adopter of ECAD + MCAD we are able to rapidly prototype and deliver products at a fraction of the time usual design house take.  Any changes to the design is automatically in sync through the development pipeline.
Nikola Labs is always open to collaboration and partnership.  Please reach out to us about any opportunities

What we do?

Incorporating electronic into your everyday life

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Our future priority areas

Renewable Energy & Storage
Industrial IoT
Open-Source Urban Agriculture
AI Automotive Vision

Nikola Lab is collection of like minded/unique people united for commercializing high-end tech with low-tech resources.

We are proud to say since inception we are self bootstrapped,

with zero VC and  zero government grants